• DQ Products

    Our suite of Data Quality products and API’s will help you audit, match, verify, suppress, enhance and authenticate your records so you maximise the value of your data assets.

    Designed to work with flat files, databases and business applications they will help you manage data migrations and integrations from multiple sources

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  • DQ Services

    To help overcome your Data Quality challenges, our professional services team will provide the consultancy and training required to get the very best from our DQ Products.

    If you would like us to carry out the data cleansing on your behalf, our bureau services team will be pleased to discuss potential options with you.


  • DQ Integrations

    Our Data Quality solutions work with a constantly evolving range of CRM, ERP and marketing automation systems.

    Big or small data – if you have the need to cleanse, migrate or integrate data sources; apply decision based rules or deliver repeatable workflow orchestrations DQ Solutions will get the job done cost effectively and accurately.

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Why work with DQ Global?


We are a leading global enterprise data quality solution provider. We have been working with data and data quality software for over 20 years now. If you are working with 1,000 records or 1,000,000 records, we understand the challenges companies face when importing, deduping, cross matching and merging data. Our consultants have a vast amount of experience dealing with complex data quality issues and we work with our clients to solve these issues, turning their data into information and providing them with data they can trust.

Whether you are starting a data quality project or looking to get an existing database back on track, our consultants and our data quality software solutions will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

View our data quality tools to discover how our data quality software can make your data “Fit for Business” or contact us today to see how we can help you with this process.

  • 88

    88% of data integration projects fail or overrun

  • 42

    54% of CRM projects failed because of the state of the data

  • 61

    61% of CIOs hope that they will have a CDO within the next 12 months

  • 22

    22% of contact data is thought to be inaccurate