How Werbifi Marketing Solution Work?

Every WLAN could be transformed into very strong and powerful marketing machine with Werbifi.

Network Marketing

Get more new customers with marketing partnerships using fair advertisements and campaigns on Werbifi Wi-Fi Social Network.

Nearby Wi-Fi Marketing

Engage potential guests 150m around your Werbifi Hotspot with offering Free Wi-Fi connection which everybody loves, especially tourists!

Direct Marketing

Suprise your customers by sending them personalized offers, coupons, gifts or simply wish Happy Birthday or New Year!

Build own partnership network

As Wi-Fi Hotspot Provider you are able to build your own Partnership Network and benefit from allowing others to advertise on your Hotspot!

  • Fair and long partnerships
  • Attract more new customers
  • Earn money providing Werbifi Hotspot!
  • No limits in advertisement
  • Target specific customers group
  • Loyalty Automatisation 24/7

Powerful Dashboard

Your marketing campaigns haven't been easier!


Look what time of day/month/year your Wi-Fi is most visited, demography statistics, guests interests and reviews.

Easy Send Messages

Say Happy Birthday or offer some personalized discounts to your guest using our Message API for SMS, Viber, Email, or Facebook Messages.

Customise Wi-Fi Page

Change pictures, texts and promotions whenever you want to better engage with your loyalty guests.

Get popular globally

Use our campaigns to get the most loved brand out there. Your ad will be visible all choosen Werbifi Hotspots.

Wi-Fi Landing Pages

Here are some examples of our Wi-Fi Landing Pages which are fully customisable using our dashboard.


Partnership with
many Companies

Some of big names are already part of amazing marketing social network!

Pricing Packages

Choose right package for you and enjoy 30 Days FREE Trial without bond!



  • No Guests Login
  • 100 Monthly Marketing Tokens
  • 100 Promotion Sessions
  • No API Access
  • No Support



  • Guests Login
  • 500 Monthly Tokens
  • 500 Promotion Sessions
  • Full API Access
  • Daily Support



  • Guests Login
  • 1000 Monthly Tokens
  • 1000 Promotion Sessions
  • Full API Access
  • 24/7 Support

Short FAQ

The most frequent questions about Werbifi Wi-Fi Marketing

Werbifi is Vienna's one of the most popular Free-WLAN Social-Network. We have a lot of Wi-Fi Hotspots, and offer our companies great Marketing solutins, transforming their Wi-Fi into powerful marketing tool!
Wi-Fi Splash Page Advertising
You can simply put your best photos and videos on your Wi-Fi Splash Page. Everyone who join your Free-WLAN will see your Advertisement and enjoy their benefit! This will suprise your users who use Wi-Fi!

Message API - Direct Marketing with SMS/Viber/Email/Facebook and more!
Everyone who use your Wi-Fi has been registered. You as a Wi_Fi provider have their Phones/Emails and can use it for direct and personal messages! This will remind your users on your business!

Werbifi Marketing Campaign
Here you can make advertisement per Sessions in all our Hotspots in Vienna! Let other people see your Adds on others Wi-Fi Network in City. This will bring you more new users and make you special brand!
Customizable captive portal
Self-serve management of the splash page design. Personalize landing page based on user's profile.

Many sign-in options
Choose between social logins, form based registration, email, SMS, 3rd-party identity services, or employee-only authentication.

Multi-channel marketing - API
Choose from instant Emails, SMS, Viber, FB Messanger, personalized newsletters, in-app push notifications, social posts, or paid media ads API to engage your guest.

Demographic analytics
Understand visitor behaviour by age, gender, location and interests. 80+ reports to choose from.

Build loyalty program
Add hundreds of thousand of new customers to the database. Grow marketing lists using loyalty program techniques.

More repeat visitors
Proven to bring visitors back to the venue. High social network reviews using campaigns with Social WiFi.
People enjoy visiting our Wi-Fi hotpot because is free, interesting and very fast! They only need to sign up once, and free have access to all Werbifi Hotspots in hole Europe!

Your advertisement and promotions bring them a lot of benefits, news and discounts in real time! People simply love to be part of big social and marketing network chain.
You are just step from being one of the most popular brand in your town! Fill the form and our professional team will contact you as soon as possible to implement you a FREE 30 Days TRIAL without bond.

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